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SHōJIN based- MISO variety workshop in Munich, Germany

Time: 10:30-13:00 & 14:30-17:00 (max. 10 persons for each class)

Place: within Ring 2 (5 min on foot from Isartor station or 10 min from Marienplatz: detail address is informed only to those who registered.)

Language: ENGLISH 

E-Mail: info.shojin@gmail.com 

(Registration is required! Please write the following and send me an email.)

  • Name
  • Number of participant
  • Time: 10:30-or 14:30 
  • E-Mail address
  • Mobile number

Fee: 38 Euro (including donation of 2 Euro to Table for Two/TFT)

Prepayment is required. 

Cancellation: until 1206 is free

                        from 1306 to 1606: 100%


Shōjin is buddhist temple cuisine which is vegetarian/vegan and originally was cuisine for monks.

Shōjin cuisine was brought by Japanese Zen priest , Dōgen who was founder of Sōtō school of Zen from China in Kamakura era and it still exists through around 700 years in Japan. 

Shōjin cooking is simple and very healthy. 

This time, the theme is “Miso”. Miso is one of the most famous fermented foods in Japan and fortunately, it is relatively easy to obtain in Germany. 

There are various ways of using Miso in dairy cooking. This time, you will learn how to use Miso in western style as well as Japanese style using local products as much as possible.

Shiromiso (white/Rice Miso), Akamiso (red/barley Miso), Mamemiso (Miso made of soy beans&Kōji) will be used including tasting in the cooking class. 

You will learn how to make: Shōjin vichyssoise, vegetables&Miso dishes including Miso dip, Tōfu cheese, etc with rice!

All vegetables and foods are organic (Bio) as much as possible. 

Exhibition of Paper Sculpture by Kouhaku Nakamura

紙彫刻師、中村凰伯先生 展覧会 (長谷、鎌倉 日本)

日時: 2019年4月19日(金)*全予約制 オープニングパーティー 18:00-20:00 5000円  (カガワケンフレンチ精進レストラン「ルペイザン」によるディナー)

Date: April 19, 2019 *Opening party 18:00-20:00 (French Shojin cuisine by Restaurant “Le Paysan” *fully booked out) *Shojin means Buddhist temple cuisine (vegan/vegetarian)

4月20日(土)&21日(日):前世導き画セッション&展覧会 *セッションは全予約制 (14000円) 展覧会はご自由に入ってご覧下さい。入場料無料。10:00-19:00

April 20 (Sat)&21 (Sun): Private session (14000 JPY *fully booked out) You can see Paper Sculpture exhibition at any time from 10:00-19:00. Entrance fee is free.

場所:長谷壱番館 夢ギャラリー(神奈川県鎌倉市長谷2丁目12-17)


Place: Hase Ichibankan Yume Gallery (2-12-17, Hase Kamakura, JAPAN)

*One minute on foot from Enoden Hase station

中村凰伯(耕二)先生のHP: https://www.kamichoukoku.com/


About Kouhaku Nakamura: He uses special white mermaid paper and creates outstanding art works of paper sculpture. He lives in Kagawa, Shikoku, Japan. He exhibits his art works in many places in Japan. In addition, he started to offer sessions of past life drawing upon request. He is telented paper sculpture artist who has exhibited not only domestic but also abroad, e.g. in the studio of Francis Ford Coppola in the US ,he presented his art work to George Lucas who directed “Star Wars”  as well as U.S.A. Disney ordered art work by Kouhaku Nakamura.

中村凰伯(耕二)先生のHP: https://www.kamichoukoku.com/

HP of Kouhaku (Kouji) Nakamura: https://www.kamichoukoku.com/

Shojin cooking class in Munich, Germany

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