Culture Consultant, Shojin ryori (Japanese Buddhist temple cuisine) /Wagashi EU Promoter, Organic Coordinator, Interpreter and Psychological Counselor


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 I am culture consultant working  both in Kamakura/Yokohama, Japan and Munich, Germany.

As a culture consultant, I offer the following services:

(1) Shojin ryori EU promotion activity

Shojin ryori is Buddhist temple cuisine which is Japanese vegetarian/vegan based on ZEN and has 800 years history since Kamakura era.

It is also called as “oriental vegan cuisine”.

Shojin ryori is peaceful cuisine because people with different religious backgrounds

can have together.

(2) Wagashi EU promotion activity

Wagashi is Japanese traditional sweets which are made of beans and mochi and served during tea ceremony.

(3) Coordination for Art Exhibition in Japan and Europe

I coordinate&organize art exhibitions for Japanese artists mainly in Kamakura, Japan.

I also consult how art works by Japanese artists can be introduced in Germany and

creative collaboration for artists in different fields.

Moreover, I introduce German cameo sculpture artists to Japan. Upon your request, I send you the catalogue as well as art works as PDF file via E-Mail.

As an organic coordinator, I offer the following service:

I am certified organic coordinator issued by FOS (Foundation Occupational Skill) SHOKUGYOU-GINOU-SHINKOUKAI in Japan in 2017.

I introduce Japanese organic safe foods to EU.

As an interpreter, I offer the following service:

(1) Executive Interpreter of Kamakura City Tourists Association

I can guide Kamakura sightseeing tour upon your request and interests.

(2) Interpreter for specific fields

I also work as interpreter in organic, ecological, alternative medicine and alternative energy fields which contribute to improvement of our health, mind and earth.