High quality Interpretation by a Japanese Ph.D residing in Germany

I offer you reliable and excellent interpretation services using my professional backgrounds (English/Japanese) – 

*I have worked in Japan for a few years since September.2016.

I am a Japanese molecular biologist living in Yokohama, Japan as well as Munich, Germany/Yokohama, JAPAN, and have a long career as a researcher in academia, for more on my background.

Moreover, I have  a strong experience in dealing with the European patent prosecution in the field of Life Science, i.e. medical science, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology etc. I have a long successful track-record as an interpreter at opposition proceedings before the European patent office (EPO)/German patent & trademark office (DPMA) to assist Japanese clients, as well as to translate technical documents including scientific journals, patents or the presentation of your biotech company.


I also offer technical analysis for patents and prior art documents (Japanese/English) so that you can surely precisely understand the contents as well as if your patent application is novel and has inventive step.
In addition, I teach Japanese language to your executives to help you ensure a smooth interaction with your Japanese clients, from basics to ensure a better understanding of your Japanese counterparts, to executives who are already fluent in Japanese to let you get prepared for a full negotiation in Japanese, for my service listing.

Let’s ensure together your success in your relations with Japan!